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We’re All in Development!

Perhaps, like me, you’ve read a lot of content about the field of people development. Maybe all that content made a difference for you, from time to time—and, on a great day, maybe it made a difference in someone you know.

If you’re like me, however, a lot of what you read is stuffy, bookish, and impractical— processes designed for an earlier time in top-down, control-based organizations with concepts that just don’t work very well anymore.

Of course, businesses must be profitable. Yet, hierarchical organizations often struggle to be productive, fulfilling places to work. Research is clear that such organizations are less creative places to work. Over time, companies add layers to previously flat structures, which make an organization less agile. In Higher Ed, everything is collaborative, which is great—as long as relationships and politics can be navigated in such a way that progress can result.

Here, we’ll advocate for common sense, and for preserving the human side of people development, for ourselves and for others. We’ll talk about ways to keep our sanity and how to not take ourselves too seriously. We’ll focus on developing ourselves and others in a way that doesn’t view people merely as projects and “resources.” Why? Because all of us want to leave our worlds, and our work places, a little better than we found them, to make a meaningful contribution to others. Profits and people really can coexist in positive, fulfilling ways.

Along the journey, we’ll try to maintain our sense of humor, and our compassion for people—but we’ll also try to avoid falling into sentimentality, which won’t help anybody grow. We will discuss things like: competency development, learning & development for leaders, learning design and development, learning technologies, servant leadership, culture, Higher Ed perspectives, and even a little about non-profit environments.

It’s all learning; we’re all in development. And the journey can be fulfilling, meaningful, and even a little fun. Let’s journey together.