About Me

I’m a Learning Architect working in the Talent Development and Instructional Design space. I enjoy researching and discussing learning/talent development issues and technology. Frequently, I receive requests for such discussions related to LMS decisions, hiring decisions in the learning space, and other items. I try to honor those requests and give back to my profession whenever I can; please feel free to reach out to me. Learning is fun…all the time.

I have a broad background in learning organizations in corporate, educational, and nonprofit sectors. My responsibilities have included curriculum design and development of both technical and professional skills courses, as well as special projects in human resource development and organizational development. I have produced, from inception to implementation, ILT (instructor led training) curriculum and I have implemented new eLearning curriculum development programs and staffed teams; I have worked with all kinds of professionals in this space. I have managed curriculum and have had instructional designers working on my team.

I have two advanced certifications from Cornell University and four college degrees, including a Master of Arts in Teaching. I love teaching, in all its forms. I’m a certified dispute resolution mediator and an adjunct professor (so I work in the Higher Ed learning space, as well as corporate). I’ve worked in Learning and Development for a Fortune 500 company in Houston, Texas. I’ve worked with a number of LMSs, both at the corporate/enterprise level, and in Higher Ed.

I’ve been married for many years and have two married sons. My wife has served as training coordinator; my oldest son is a web designer and product developer and his wife is an instructional designer; my younger son is an instructional designer for a major university and his wife is a library director. Lifelong learning is all in the family!

-Glenn Drysdale